MarketWATCH Muskoka: 20 December 2017

The new listing service, Matrix, is up and running. The change has had a few minor bumps. Largely though, the change has gone smoothly. Some of our subscribers have yet to log on to their new portals. That will create the biggest challenge because the links provided expire in about 10 days unless activated by logging on before then. Let us know if you need to have the link resent to you.

Our real estate market has been pretty quiet, as you might expect. Muskoka has had record cold. There’s lots of snow and many smaller lakes already have closed over with ice. Friends of ours were commenting about sled tracks across their lake already. That sends shudders through us. There is NO WAY ice is thick enough to safely sled across a lake today in Muskoka. Be safe and stay off the lakes!

There were only 2 new waterfront cottage listings this month.
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With the ending of the year and the beginning of a new one, there is a change in our team. Peter has decided to shift gears and step away. For the last 14 years Peter and Ross have been colleagues and business partners. He has brought integrity, analysis and caring to our partnership. Peter is a rock solid guy with deep Muskoka knowledge. He has brought professionalism and detail to his work and the work of Rosskoka Team. We will continue to work together as the occasions arise however, for reasons of making life simple and clearing his plate for personal priorities, Peter will no longer be an active member of Rosskoka Team.
We wish Peter freedom, fun and great golf in this new phase of his Muskoka experience.
The holidays and New Year are upon us. We warmly wish you a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and a great 2018!
Laura, Lucy and Ross
(705) 706-1177

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