14 06, 2014

Before the glass turns to chop

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Before the breeze picks up Some science whiz can explain why the lake is calmest at sunrise and sunset.  Small boaters (canoeists, kayakers and rowers) know that if they want a peaceful ride, then early morning or sunset is best. Skiers too. During the day there's often too much wave action - especially [...]

18 05, 2014

May 2-4, the night before

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Almost to the bare walls Port Carling on May 2-4 Sunday afternoon. This LCBO is reported to have the highest sales per square foot of any outlet in the province. This holiday weekend people seem to making up for the lack of  Muskoka cottage time so far this year. If this is the [...]

30 04, 2014

Before and after

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last icey sunset of the year first dawn with water   The view is always changing. Now, it's always moving as well. Ice has gone and the lake is open. Let Muskoka water sports begin!