30 05, 2014

New boathouse

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Inspired design A number of years ago bylaws changed in Muskoka Lakes, 300' became the minimum frontage allowable for 2 storey boathouses. As well, height restrictions came into play which limited ability to have attic storage. The resulting boathouses on smaller frontage became boxy and dull. Not here! The designer thought 'outside the [...]

13 05, 2014


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  This boathouse sits on lower Lake Rosseau. It's one of the largest on the Big 3. Currently, it's being refurbished for an important event this summer. The building is magnificent. The barge in front has been on site now for more than a week. At $2000 a day, that's quite a parking bill. There [...]

23 04, 2014

Submerged dock, floating boathouse?

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Not a sun deck yet Not all docks are built to the same elevation. There are docks on Lake Muskoka still above the water level. Unfortunately this dock isn't. Currently it's submerged by 5 or 6 inches. Duke's Patio in Port Carling is high and dry at the moment.... a great afternoon to [...]

28 04, 2013

Lake Joseph boathouse

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This may look serene. Inside this beautiful Lake Joseph boathouse all kind of stuff left on the docks over winter is now sodden. Chairs are wet, some tools are under water but at least boats are still in their slings. On the Muskoka River, where the water is considerably higher, there are some boathouses where [...]