6 07, 2013

Lake Rosseau Sunset

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We have talked about the lake becoming the sky ... last night the story wasn't about the lake at all. It was the sky. We had guests for dinner who can attest that this was the sky over Lake Rosseau. No photoshopping. The real thing. Aren't sunsets a gift?   Lake Rosseau Sunset

3 05, 2013

Lake Rosseau Sunrise

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The Rosseau sun came bouncing in, our bedroom flooded with light. It was confusing for a moment. No lights were on. Yet the room seemed like midday at around 0630. Ferndale Point opposite was reflecting and fairly shouting "Hey! You over there!! Get up and watch me strut my stuff!!!" When has anything so quiet [...]

20 02, 2013

Ice Scupture on Lake Rosseau

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Every day for the last couple of weeks, two guys (and sometimes 3) have laboriously made their way across the lake through slush, ice and snow to an island property where they are working. Their ATV has pulled a trailer, carved a trail across the lake and, done yeoman service. Fitted with tracks, in place of [...]