28 06, 2014

Not much spring here …

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Any form of entry will do Water entry is personal. Some people go in slowly. Others just jump off the dock. It all depends on shock tolerance. It would take a lot of shock to make this platform move. A stone age diving board

14 04, 2014

Spring Melt

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It's been a long time in coming. In fact just a couple of nights ago we were 'making ice' as the mercury dropped below zero. Yhis weekend is another matter. Temperature hovering around 9 and the frozen stuff in full retreat. Here we have an island in the mist. Ghostly. Island in the mist [...]

9 06, 2013

Spring Art Tour

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Twice a year Muskoka has an Art Tour. There are more than 40 artists and artisans in central Muskoka and many of them open their studios and workshops for the curious and interested. This weekend the spring tour is in full flight. A bright, sunny day with warm summer breezes is here to complement the [...]

6 04, 2013

Not Spring yet

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Here, in Muskoka, spring arrives with crash of sorts. It's never the same day - it's not a date thing. It's an ice thing. We know spring has arrived when a contractor's truck goes through the ice on one of the Big 3. This year, spring is a long time coming. The ice is still pretty [...]