One of Ross’ earliest memories is arriving in Port Carling by steamer at the age of 3. He knew then, that Muskoka was a special place. As a youth, when working at summer camp, he thumbed his way to Muskoka for days off even though his family was cottaging elsewhere. On graduating from university, Ross worked in sales and marketing for more than 30 years and, as with many in that profession he traveled. Throughout his career he lived or worked on all continents except Antarctica.

Ross McLean sees the Big Picture

His global perspective rates Muskoka as one of the treasures of the world. For Ross, as for many people, Muskoka is a life constant.

With his knowledge of sales and marketing, Ross McLean joined an international consulting firm. It was during that time that his work passion was first published or developed into training programs: Creating Customer Value, Strategic Selling and, Can Change Be As Good As A Rest? Today, his thinking on client service and satisfaction can be read from time to time in local periodicals.

As a former international caliber athlete, Ross McLean is highly focused on what he does. He knows that success comes from preparation and homework and brings this skill and training to his work today. Fact based opinion and insight are invaluable in making good real estate decisions. This understanding has stood him well over the years as he has undertaken 10 major, successful renovations on his own properties.

Blessed with a creative and restless mind, Ross has channeled much of his energy into visualizing the possible. He has a talent for conceptualizing and brings that to bear when thinking about property for his clients and himself. Adding and realizing value is key.

Since the 70’s Ross McLean and his family have been cottagers here, in Muskoka. In that time they have owned and renovated a number of cottages. Today, they are now working on their primary residence on Lake Muskoka.

Over the years friends and colleagues have sought advice and opinion about ‘what could be’ on their homes and cottages. Providing reliable answers and insight has led Ross to homework that ultimately turned into a real estate Broker’s License.

Today Ross McLean has a passion for client service and value that finds outlet and satisfaction in helping people make informed decisions about cottage real estate. His clients say that he has helped them make good decisions, negotiated well on their behalf and added value in understanding the possibilities and limitations of their properties.